Dowsing to death

Someone sent me this last week in response to my blog posts, I’ve edited it slightly to correct grammar and spelling:
When my best friend told me that she had a mole on her back that was sore, itchy and bleeding, I told her to go to the doctor.  She had been practicing homeopathy for many years and told me that the woman who had taught her had dowsed her mole and said there was nothing to worry about as it wasn’t anything dangerous. My best friend believed her teacher and did nothing about the mole for months until finally she relented and went to the GP.  He sent her straight to have the mole removed and tested, the results came back showing malignant melanoma

However, she refused to go back to her own GP as she believed that would mean that she was turning her back on her own beliefs. Instead she was refered to a homeopath who worked for the NHS and he gave her mistletoe injections.

When she became really ill, she truly believed that she would find a cure in alternative medicine; she had been practicing homeopathy for many years so it seemed logical to her to seek out alternative treatment,

She went to many “alternative” clinics, all of whom told her that they could cure her and she spent nearly £150,000 on alternative treatments including Reiki, Homeopathy, Meridian Healers, Energy Healers and NLP.  She was seen in Harley Street by a “doctor” who told her not to eat any solid food and she was only to drink juiced vegetables and fruit.  As a result she dropped to 6 stone and I begged her to eat something normal, even cook the vegetables she was juicing but she truely believed that this “treatment” would cure her,

In a clinic in Italy she was told after blood tests that her blood was the worst that they had ever seen, they charged her £17,000 to tell her this then they gave her some supplements.  She was tested again and miraculously she was then told that her bloods were the best they had seen and she was cured, she believed him and came back on such a high and filled with hope. She was given a number so that she could call the “Doctor” any time night or day (for £17k…quite rightly so!)

After a week or so she was still really sick and she called the “Doctor” in Italy, the number rang out, she called him continuously for weeks eventually someone answered the phone and told her that the “Doctor” had gone away on holiday for the rest of the summer!

My beautiful best friend was still sick she then found a Hospital “that is one of the world’s leading institutions in the research and cancer treatments with integrative therapies, combining the best of conventional and complementary cancer treatments.”

She was so sick when she reached the hospital that they insisted on a course of chemotherapy, when the treatment was complete she returned to the UK and to be fair she did look much better.  However, there were a team of dowsers who once she returned from the Oasis dowsed with crystals that she would now recover fully.  In fact they were getting a bit tired of her saying that she was still feeling ill and one of these dowsers left this message on her answer machine as she was being taken by ambulance to the hospital, “Finally! You are going to the hospital! Where you will find out that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! We have all dowsed you and you are fine! We have got the same results!” 

This same group of people are still diagnosing people by dowsing today.

Later that day she called me to say that the cancer had spread to her brain and she died shortly afterwards.

I have no time or respect for people with no medical training who take money from vulnerable people.

These so-called self-appointed therapists are nothing more than vultures who feed from their own distorted beliefs that they are the messiah.

If one of these therapists, that she trusted so much, had told her to seek medical advice in the beginning, then I believe that my friend would still be here today.

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