Neurology Articles

NLP and Neuroanatomy
A brief overview of the left-right brain dichotomy for NLPeople. Confused? This will simplify.

Collection of Unusual Neurological States 
Alien hand syndrome and more! A brief summary of unusual neurological conditions demonstrating what happens when the capacity for certain types of kinesthetic experience is diminished.

God and The Brain.

Hippocampus – Adventuring in Time
The hippocampus, a region in the brain important in the processing of memory.

Feel the Rhythm – Bodily Rhythms
Circadian and Ultradian Rhythms and their effect on the function of different types of learning.

Dementia and Sexual Disinhibition
It can make for some awkward moments.

Phantom Limbs
Neurologist V.S Ramachandran innovated an ingenious technique for reducing the experience of phantom limb pain. Here is an overview for NLPeople.

Mirror Box Treatment and Observations
Observations from my clinical practice with the mirror box technique.

Sensory and Motor Cortex
How an understanding of the way the brain maps both bodily sensation and motor coordination can help NLP Practitioners with things such as anchoring, mirroring etc.

The Amygdala
How an understanding of this region in each hemisphere of the brain is vital in the organisation and design of interventions for clients.

Aphasia and Dysphasia
Different types of speech and language disorders and their relevance to NLP practice.

Drug Induced Neurological Disorders
Details and examples of drug-induced Tardive Dyskinesia

Phineas Gage (He had a Headache). 
Historical accident leads to an important understanding of mind-brain connection.

Depression and Insomnia
Can’t sleep, won’t sleep? Some practical neuro and NLP stuff here.

Photographic Memory 
Steven Wiltshire has a photographic memory, but some people dispute whther such a thing exists.

Persistant Sexual Arousal Syndrome
An under-reported but significant quality of life problem. Help and advise can be found here.

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy 
Classically, temporal lobe epilepsy is assocated with exalted states, religious visions and alien abduction phenomenum.

Frontal Lobe Epilepsy 
Frontal lobe epilespsy is commonly associated with partial seizures and affect to speach and expression.

A History of Phantom Limb Pain
Phantom limb pain is an enigmatic and significant problem that for many people is readily curable.

Brain Food
Nutrition for the brain.