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Andrew T. Austin is a therapist with a background in Accident and Emergency, Neurosurgery and Clinical Neurology as a registered nurse. This is his main website with well over 100 amazing articles on psychiatry, mental health, NLP, neurology and hypnotherapy which no one ever reads anymore because they are all on Facebook looking at cat pictures and arguing with complete strangers.

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With a private practice in West Sussex, England, Andrew has a specialist interested in the “schizophrenias” and anxiety and has been heavily influenced by the writings of notables such as R.D. Laing and Thomas Szasz. He has developed two bodies of work, “Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)” and “Metaphors of Movement (MoM).”  IEMT is a rapidly growing therapeutic modality that has some analogies to EMDR, whilst Metaphors of Movement is a model for exploring the hidden mind which has many therapeutic applications. Both have become recognised modalities and are listed in the Sage Encyclopedia of Theory of Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Andrew T. Austin is more than willing to speak out about the narcissism that is rife within the therapeutic professions and as such draws a lot of negative commentaries, especially from the “NLP community” described by Austin as, “rotten to its very core.”

The public is indoctrinated to believe that skills are valuable and reliable only if they are the result of formal schooling.” Ivan Illich

Andrew T. Austin started his esoteric training in a Qabalistic lodge (Lodge Zayin, Southampton) in order to learn Ceremonial Magick and Qabalah. Today, he is a Freemason, Oddfellow, an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Discordian Pope and has been a member of a variety of other esoteric organisations. As of August 2020, he has been promoted to Lord of the Principality of Sealand and clearly has too much free time on his hands.

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The problem with so much therapy is that it is not just banal and ineffective, but it is often condescending and patronising nonsense. Therapists have a habit of repackaging everyday common sense and dressing it up with the illusion of great profundity and wisdom. Despite ignorance, they frequently position themselves as avant-garde heroes of ancient, rediscovered and sacred truths.

Andrew T. Austin

“Psychiatrists look for twisted molecules and defective genes as the causes of schizophrenia, because schizophrenia is the name of a disease. If Christianity or Communism were called diseases, would they then look for the chemical and genetic “causes” of these “conditions”?”
― Thomas Stephen Szasz, The Second Sin

Presented here on this site a guide for NLP people and allied practitioners working in psychiatry who wish to know more about schizophrenia, neurology and an NLP way of working with it. Any queries, comments, contributions and pledges of cash are greatly welcomed and can be forwarded to

“Therapy means social, political and personal change, not adjustment.”

The Radical Therapy Collective.

Andrew T. Austin Training | Metaphors of Movement Training | EMDR Training | Integral Eye Movement Therapy Training | Andy AustinIn 2015, both Metaphors of Movement and Integral Eye Movement Therapy were included in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy.




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