Bastard Tappers

Please note, this video is not a spoof.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has taken the time to email me, ‘phone me and message me on Facebook regarding my recent blog entries on “tapping.”

There are a number of themes to the messages, but the primary theme seems to be as follows: “Countless people have benefitted from tapping, including myself and I have seen people benefit from tapping with my very own eyes, so how can you say that tapping is bollocks?”

Well, that is quite easy. Tapping as a therapeutic modality is bollocks. So, how can I deny all the evidence? Why do I let a few “bad apples” spoil the field? Here’s how. In the USA, many millions (4 to 8 million) of people believe that alien abduction is real.

Fewer, but still rather a lot, believe that they were themselves abducted by aliens.

Why do they believe this? Well, because they have evidence. Many therapists believe that there is a massive global satanic conspiracy, brainwashing people with sexual abuse, satanic rituals, and freely use innocents as “brood mares” for their cults and so on.

This leads to MPD and DID, and whilst the law enforcement agencies worldwide fail to find any proof of such activities, these therapists succeed. They believe and they know. How? Evidence!

Countless people believe in God and have killed in his name.

In past centuries, to reduce the level of mass killing, world religions have wisely tended to harmonise and agree that there is only one God, but he is known by many names. And how do they know this?


Huge numbers of people, such as David Icke, believe that there is a vast conspiracy, involving aliens, shape-shifting reptiles, the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the banking system.

We are all being farmed for the conspirators’ personal gains and agendas. How do they know this?


Man never landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong is a liar. How do we know? Evidence. Diana, Princess of Wales was killed by the Queen and MI6, there’s a big man’s face on Mars, the earth is hollow, aliens walk amongst us, the earth is only 4000 years old, evolution is a lie, Jesus died for our sins, 9/11 was an inside job and transcendental meditation can cut crime and teach you how to defy gravity and levitate.

In times of old many, if not most, people believed that the earth was the centre of the universe and that God made the universe to revolve around the earth.

Naysayers were tortured and even tied to trees and set alight. Nasty business, but it was for the greater good. They had evidence, you see.

Witches, do I need to mention witches?

Lots of evidence there too and the believers squashed them under rocks and burned quite a few of them for good causes and always with positive intentions and clear consciences. I could go on, but I am sure you get the point.

One valid question came up though.

On an old webpage (I think from 2006, but I’m not too sure) on my main site I had clearly written:

“Learn and practice the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Buy at least the basic training DVDs and practice daily. When done properly this is possibly one of the best treatments for anxiety I have come accross.”

It’s true, I did write that, I even did believe that one time. Yeah, awkward.

But then… I used to believe in the tooth fairy. Really, I did, because I had my own personal evidence. I used to believe in Father Christmas, admittedly I was very young back then.

I believed in him too, because, well, not only was it apparently rather advantageous for me to do so, but I also had that all important evidence.

I never believed in the Easter Bunny – that always seems a bit stupid to me, even when I was little.

I used to believe in psychics and mediums.

Again, because I had that all important evidence. Add tapping to that list. But you know what?

What I find most impressive is the spite being expressed in my direction by a few Tappers who want revenge upon my very soul.

Apparently, karma has been invoked in one quarter, legal action is being called for in another and my professional conduct is being discussed on a number of tapping forums.

The hit-rate on my website is at an all-time high (really, it is, but I did expect that), so thanks for that guys. So it looks like I have upset the tappers.

It’s like telling a bunch of school children that there is no Santa Claus this Christmas; he got crucified in the name of religion.


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