Over rated sense of self importance

A pattern I have long since noticed with therapists is a generally over-rated sense of self-importance.

Too many therapists seem to proclaim how they are busy changing the world, making the world better and so forth. Some might be actually doing this of course, but most are not.

In the world of the hypnotherapy and NLP “communities”, this is well demonstrated by the ever-growing trend of incestuously appointing upon one another grandiose titles and “qualifications” that imply greatness and status.

Whilst “Practitioner”, “Master Practitioner” and “Trainer” as titles have taken on an inevitable logical hierarchy of authority, and I am increasingly hearing people talking about having taken their practitioner and are going on to do their “masters” in NLP, as though the week or two of training is equivalent a university degree.

NLPers seem to have taken the term, “Trainer” and claimed it as an NLP title, and forget that trainers existed long before NLP came about and the term “trainer” is a reference to function and role, not status.

At social gatherings, NLPers tend to be ever keen to show their incredible NLPness (sic) and impress upon people their own “state” and skills at anchoring, swishing and so forth.

There appears a need to “spread the message” of NLP/EFT/TFT or wotnot, and the evangelical fervour runs high.

Now, this is no bad thing in and of itself. NLP has proved immensely useful in so many applications and has been used to provide hope and ability to improve so many lives – mine included – where previously hope and ability may not have existed.

Here’s the rub though: For all the talk of changing the world, feeling great and being great, etc, when I enquire as to what many of these evangelists actually do, I meet a brick wall.

Despite possessing websites proclaiming that they have trained with the best mystical masters and trainers in the world, travelled long and far in search of ancient and secret knowledge, and a hefty fee advertised for services that promise to fulfil your every dream, it seems that too many those individuals waving their NLPness in the faces of the profane don’t actually do a great deal.

It is a charade.

Many have no experience with their tools anywhere except amongst the excitable mass of bodies that makes up the NLP/EFT/TFT/etc “community”. Everyone else seems to stay away from them, prospective clients included.

In a community so obsessed with perfecting the map, it seems that all too often the territory simply gets forgotten.

In the words of comedian Bob Monkhouse, “No one on his deathbed has actually said, “I think the end is near, send for a comedian, No airline pilot has ever told his passengers, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to tell you, but the engines are out, we’re about to crash into the ocean, but thank God, we have a comedian on board.” I don’t think you’ll ever hear a government minister on Question Time saying, “The Middle East crisis deadlock, it must be tolerated no longer – send in the clowns!”

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