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Phantom Limb Pain – Mirror Box – Ramachandran Method

Booking Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain

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What is Phantom Limb Pain?

Following the loss of a limb or other body part, chronic phantom pain can be problematic. For many amputees, the problem can be complicated with a varying combination of phantom pains, nerve pains (i.e. ganglion) and stump pain (sensitivity, scar tissue etc). For some people a phantom limb may be present but is not the actual source of the pain whilst for others there may be pain but without a phantom.

It has been my experience that many clinicians are confused by the phantom limb experience and so may embark on the treatment of the component that is not the actual cause.

Using a combination of the “mirror box”, hypnosis, suggestion and NLP techniques, phantom limb pain and other phantom phenomena can often be effectively resolved even when the patient has failed to find relief from similar treatments before.

Please watch the following videos for a better explanation of what might be going on.



I also have videos of complete client sessions along with videos of training in the assessment and treatment of phantom limb pain.

These can be found on the membership section on my youtube channel here:


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