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Pain Control – Hypnosis and NLP

Pain Control – Hypnosis and NLP

Many chronic pain conditions can be improved by learning self-hypnosis and pain control. The work focuses on the two main areas – the pain stimulus itself and the response to the pain.

Melzack and Wall’s Gate Theory of Pain is well worth reading up on.

As an example, one client came to see me – she had an inoperable tumour on her chest wall. Despite radiotherapy and pain-relieving medication, some days the pain was intolerable, whilst on others days the pain was hardly noticeable at all. Referred by her primary care team, we explored the difference between the good days and the bad days – you see, the tumour itself was fairly stable and didn’t actually change that much on a day to day basis – there were other factors that were influencing the presence of the pain and her response to it.

It is unlikely that many people will go away totally pain-free – much of the work is about changing the way you handle the pain and where you place your attention. For example, a common experience is to be positively involved with some activity only to have an inquisitive person ask you, “How is your pain today?” thus redirecting your attention back to the pain which was previously not noticed. We can explore this mechanism hypnotically.

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