IEMT in New York

2009 – I was in Manhattan, New York City.  A big bustling city and scene for pretty much every Hollywood monster and apocalyptic movie ever made…. and the host city for the IEMT workshop. The workshop was videoed by a UK video production company for future release on DVD.  These recordings are now available via the website. 
I have often wondered why New York City was known as “The Big Apple” and I have only just thought about finding out why.  Here’s an extract from Wikipedia:
The Big Apple was first popularized as a reference to New York City by John J. Fitz Gerald in a number of New York Morning Telegraph articles in the 1920s in reference to New York horse-racing. The earliest of these was a casual reference on May 3, 1921:

J. P. Smith, with Tippity Witchet and others of the L. T. Bauer string, is scheduled to start for “the big apple” to-morrow after a most prosperous Spring campaign at Bowie and Havre de Grace.
Fitz Gerald referred to the “big apple” frequently thereafter.  He explained his use in a February 18, 1924, column under the headline “Around the Big Apple”:

The Big Apple. The dream of every lad that ever threw a leg over a thoroughbred and the goal of all horsemen. There’s only one Big Apple. That’s New York.

Two dusky stable hands were leading a pair of thoroughbred around the “cooling rings” of adjoining stables at the Fair Grounds in New Orleans and engaging in desultory conversation.

“Where y’all goin’ from here?” queried one.

“From here we’re headin’ for The Big Apple,” proudly replied the other.

“Well, you’d better fatten up them skinners or all you’ll get from the apple will be the core,” was the quick rejoinder…

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