Lofty Thoughts – Part 1

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Subjects discussed in these lofty thoughts:

  • The Tower tarot card and Metaphors of Movement
  • Identity as a fake persona
  • Personal development versus personal discovery
  • Tarot: The fool’s journey
  • Failure and the presuppositions of NLP
  • Alchemical symbolism and the fortune tarot card
  • Andy hates intuitives
  • Benefits of a classical education
  • The issue of recurrent failure and survivor bias
  • Andy hates therapists
  • Coaches coaching coaches to coach coaches
  • Fortune, chance and playing roulette
  • Aleister Crowley and ritual
  • The role of the magician
  • James Wasserman and The Gnostic Mass
  • Solutions and aquatic gods
  • Baphomet and Solve et Coalgula
  • Qabalah and the God “I Am” (EHEIEH)
  • Attributions, `Tzaddi is Not The Star`
  • The Holy Grail

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