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Metaphors in My Attic
All the material from Level 1 Metaphors of Movement and much, much more!

Slimming in My Attic
This started out as the workshop, “Weight Loss – A Neurolinguistic Perspective.”

Business Metaphors
Online version of Levels 4 & 5 of Metaphors of Movement

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
Based on clinical work with PTSD clients, this is the basis of my therapy work for dealing with trauma.

Magick, Depression and Trauma in Mental Space 
Possibly the most unusual pairing of therapy work and the occult you will ever see. An original collaboration with Lucas Derks, be warned though, already the imitations are beginning to appear.

Identity Panorama 
Another collaboration with Lucas Derks on identity.

Mirror Visual Feedback 
Detailing the treatment of phantom limb pain complete with a number of complete treatment session demonstrations with amputees.

The Qabalah Project