Andrew T. Austin is a therapist in West Sussex, UK. He offers therapy sessions via Skype and full training courses.

Therapy with Andrew T. Austin

Andrew T. Austin is a therapist with a background in Neurosurgery and Clinical Neurology as a registered nurse.

With a busy private practice in West Sussex, England, Andrew has a specialist interested in the “schizophrenias” and has been heavily influenced by the writings of notables such as R.D. Laing and Thomas Szasz.

Very early in his nurse training he began to first learn about hypnosis rather than attend lectures and soon joined a Qabalistic lodge in order to learn Ceremonial Magick and Qabalah. These days, Andrew T. Austin is no longer a nurse but is a Freemason, Oddfellow, a second-degree initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Discordian Pope and has been a member of a variety of other esoteric organisations. As of August 2020, he has been promoted to be Lord of the Principality of Sealand and clearly has too much free time on his hands.

The problem with so much therapy is that it is not just banal and ineffective, but it is often condescending and patronising nonsense. Therapists have a habit of repackaging every day common sense and dressing it up with the illusion of great profundity and wisdom. Despite ignorance, they frequently position themselves as avant-garde heroes of ancient, rediscovered and sacred truths.

Andrew T. Austin

Not really fitting into the academic way of teaching health care, he was often heard to say things like, “How the hell is the ability to write an 8000-word report on the government health reforms in any way related to developing skills as a healer?” and despaired at the academic leanings of the profession and the absence of sufficient skill-based teaching.

As a nursing student, Andrew rapidly earned himself a reputation as a bit of a trouble maker and it was several years before he discovered the importance of rapport when dealing with controversy. However, by the time he reached 40, he figured he’d stop trying to be nice about it and would just say it like it is.

It is this controversy that he still courts with his current work against what he calls the ‘alphabet therapies’ and the nonsense peddled by practitioners of these “therapies.”

During a local radio chat show, where he was interviewed with a psychiatrist and a mental health service user, he learned the maxim, “I stood up to be counted and the count was….one!” As time has passed, Andrew began to attract the attention of others who share similar views and his private work and campaign against psychiatric ethics continues to grow and develop.

With an interest in anything strange and unusual he avidly reads The Fortean Times, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary and such like. Extensively traveled in India and Nepal and a student of yoga and the Qabalah, Andrew enjoys lively conversation and hot curries. He has now abandoned his former hobby of brewing some quite undrinkable beers and production of a potent psychotropic wine, whose perfectly legal recipe is a closely guarded secret.

In the late 90s, following a brush with death that accompanied a nasty typhoid infection complete with several out of body experiences, Andrew began exploring deep inner spaces and joined a small group of ‘psychonauts’ who enjoy exploring profound altered states of consciousness. This is something he urges all practitioners of psychiatry to do. He deplores the current state of mental health care and the lack of a spirit of adventure in most people involved in psychiatry where the nurses and shrinks have rarely even tried for themselves the toxic drugs they pump into their patients.

Presented here on this site a guide for NLP people and allied practitioners working in psychiatry who wish to know more about schizophrenia, neurology and an NLP way of working with it. Any queries, comments, contributions and pledges of cash are greatly welcomed and can be forwarded to freshnewbrain@gmail.com

“Therapy means social, political and personal change, not adjustment.”

The Radical Therapy Collective.

In 2015, both Metaphors of Movement and Integral Eye Movement Therapy were included in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy.

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