The Strange World of Michael Carroll – NLP Academy, East Croydon, London

In an apparent attempt to evade legal consequences, Michael Carroll has removed his posts where he accuses myself & others of racism by fabricating a set of posts and comments that I never made. Anyone who attempted to reason with him was simply blocked or had their comments deleted.

He subsequently doubled down and went on to claim that IEMT is ripped off from EMDR. I doubt Michael has any experience of either and the difference between the two models is easily attested by the sheer number of EMDR practitioners who have attended the IEMT training, many of whom subsequently joined the Association of IEMT Practitioners.

He refers to me as “that pilfering racist from Littlehampton.

Michael Carroll also claimed I was “kicked out of the Society of NLP for breaching copyright and plagiarism.”  Another lie.

He did this as revenge for my blog post where I criticised his dangerous and ludicrous claim for being able to prevent COVID19 infection by installing an unconscious virus filter using New Code NLP. (see:

Now he is now playing the victim who is being bullied for “speaking out.” I would suggest that people be aware he claims to be on a campaign to root out the widespread racism within the personal development field of which he apparently has much knowledge. He has demonstrated himself to be a man who is happy to fabricate evidence and lie in order to settle old scores.

This behaviour is from a man who is a trainer member of the NLP Leadership Summit. A formal complaint has been filed with the Leadership Summit.

This is the man who has worked with John Grinder for many years and describes himself as a “training genius” and “a fascinating character” (Link).  I’d suggest he add “delusional”, “narcissistic” and “short” to his profile.


  • I have repeatedly asked Carroll about his references to “Andy’s mate up north” who Carroll claims was “thrown out of SNLP for plagiarism and breaching copyright” via NLP Academy website (receipt of messages confirmed) and by private email as many concerned students have brought this to my attention in recent days.
    Despite being assured of a response via the website, no response has been forthcoming

    The idea that you can create “a more harmonious field” by defaming commercial competitors does to me seem more than a bit odd. I’ve asked the NLP Leadership Summit about this issue and am waiting on a reply. There is a world of difference between fair comment online and what has been posted on FB.

    Ive seen some bat shit crazy stuff over the years (I blogged recently on to set the record straight on a few issues) but I’ve never to date seen such ipoor manners that are truly IMO a new low for NLP.

    Little wonder many of the wider public and other professionals don’t take NLP seriously and call it pseudoscience with such online behaviours.

  • Um. I feel glad, that I already left facebook behind, maybe 8-10 years ago.

    When I started learning NLP long time ago I was so naive to believe, that the spread of NLP can only lead to a better, happier, healthier and more peaceful world.

    All in all it’s discouraging to read your report, Andy, and again there’s another sad example that confirms that I took the right path to learn something related to NLP that is not necessarily called NLP. A while ago I even considered becoming a trainer. What held me back was my observation of conflicts, unethical behaviour and my intuition about those NLP associations in Germany. But then I made a decision, while I was discussing in the evenings with some fellow learners from Austria and Germany from the Social Panorama seminar with Lucas about the reputation of NLP: In the following years I attended two hypnosis classes (~250h), and decided to learn systemic coaching (~250h) and some sports/health coaching related topics. That does not mean, that I would ever stop using or learning NLP, I just do not regard it as clever to advertise with it today. Too many “idiots” in this field.

    I am glad, I had great teachers with a background in other approaches such as Gestalt, systemic and solution focused methods and with a strong focus on teaching a certain mindset and our presuppositions. And today I feel glad, that I am not a member of any NLP society or NLP association or whatever they decided to call themselves. Recently, when I read the story of Thies Stahl who is one of the few who brought NLP to Germany in the 1980ies, I discovered (really) bad things happen here in Germany, too. He published many articles and even a >400 pages book on Amazon with the title “NLP for criminals” (written in German, and referring to what he experienced at DVNLP, before he was “excluded”). Subsequently I found blog posts by reputable coaches who officially turn away from NLP, not only because of this story, but it offered them the final reason to quit.

    When I look at the book market, I feel that more than 80 % of NLP related books must be rubbish. Seeing titles about “secret NLP manipulation tricks”, “I promise you whatever you want – in 7 days”, “blahblah”… make me stomach problems.

    The good thing is, that I did not really meet many of the “unethical” guys in person. Most of my study groups or classes only consist of solid therapists, teachers, social workers, etc. who are seriously into self development and/or helping others. Fortunately, in the past 20 years I met maybe only a handful of people in person, who learned NLP “only for making money fast”. Most of those I met still have the intention to learn or teach something useful as it is intended. Maybe I was too naive to expect in the beginning that the whole community has better intentions than only feeding their capitalistic needs.

    Sometimes I feel doubt, when I read about those conflicts in the NLP community. And I have to ask myself, if some of those people really walk their talk and do what they preach. I believe to remember that Thies wrote somewhere, that he recommends a systemic therapy to the whole NLP community, to take the conflicts as a chance to learn from them. – Maybe that’s a good idea.

    If so many people in the NLP community do not even understand simple things like Heinz von Foerster’s ethical imperative, something must really happen…

    I was asked to make a two hours presentation/workshop about NLP in front of the HR department of my employer. They want to know what it is, how it works and how it can be utilized at work… Now I feel the urge to add this example, and tell them my own point of view about the overall situation as well. And maybe we should find or create a list of criterias that might assist them to differentiate well between reputable people and convincing marketers, for the case they ever want to invite an external trainer.

    With kind regards,
    M. 🙂

  • That lovely old statement “never judge the field by the idiots in it” rings so true for NLP. A facinating field of study the encourages the study of the structure of subjective experience 🙂

    I am facinated at the use of slight of mouth patterns being used to create connections that aren’t really there.

    I love that you’ve taken up the mantle as smaller minds try to subvert

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