Stop Smoking with NLP and Hypnotherapy

Your session in June taught me an awful lot, but one of the main things was that I noticed how much time I had wasted trying to stop smoking when the answer and remedy was there all along.” E.C., Client.

This page is for smokers who have tried and failed at quitting smoking via hypnosis. This is also for those smokers (hopeless nicotine addicts) who are not suitable for hypnosis style of treatments for curing smoking addiction.

I don’t do hypnotherapy or hypnosis for quitting smoking.

For the last resort, non-hypnosis style treatment (life overhaul) call me: 07838 387580 or email me:

Other Smoking Cessation Resources

Tobacco Fact File
Tobacco FactFile presents key facts and data about tobacco.

Action on Smoking and Health
ASH works to secure public, media, parliamentary, local and national Government support for a comprehensive programme to tackle the epidemic of tobacco-related disease.

UK Charity with lots of useful advice on giving up and staying stopped. Plus information on products and methods that might help you quit.

Quit Net US
American community and support site for people trying to give up smoking.

Quit Smoking UK
UK online community for quitting smokers by quitting smokers.

BBC Kick the Habit
BBC site aimed at helping visitors give up smoking.

Quit Smoking – About
This site is a New York based website to help those wanting to give up smoking. It includes a photo gallery of graphical pictures of what happens to the human body as a result of smoking.

Allen Carr’s Easyway to stop smoking

Allen Carr’s book and courses have helped millions of smokers to give up smoking permanently.

Tobacco Control Resource Centre The Tobacco Control Resource Centre works in partnership with national medical associations across Europe, supporting them in their efforts to educate their members, help patients and inform public policy with respect to tobacco. It also acts as a resource for individual doctors who are interested or involved in tobacco control.

World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative
The Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) is a WHO cabinet project created to focus international attention, resources and action on the global tobacco pandemic that kills four million people a year today.

European Network for Smoking Prevention
The European Network for Smoking Prevention is an International non-profit association who aims to develop a strategy for coordinated action among organisations active in tobacco control in Europe.

European Network of Young People Against Tobacco ENYPAT contributes to the reduction of tobacco use among young people through European-wide collaboration, information exchange and programme building.


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