Selective Eating Disorder (ARFID)

Selective Eating Disorder/ARFID/Food Phobia

Can you help me with developing better treatment protocols for ARFID?

I am seeking participants for a small scale private study on childhood ARFID and selective eating disorders. This excludes anorexia and bulimia. Participants will meet in a small group of about a dozen people to discuss how it began for them and how their symptoms manifest. This is just an informal discussion, tea and coffee provided.

This is in order for me to gather field data to assist in developing a better treatment protocol for the under 5s who are affected by selective eating disorders and ARFID.

At this stage, I am not able to offer any help or solution to the problem.

There are two meetings in Angmering, West Sussex:

Sunday 9th February 2020, 930am-11am Рthis is specifically for sufferers and people who have recovered from ARFID. Ideally, all participants will be over the age of 16 and will have had childhood onset of selective eating/ARFID.

Sunday 16th February 2020, 930am-11am – this is for parents of young children with selective eating/ARFID. You can bring your child along with you to save you regarding childcare, but this is only to discuss with parents about the onset of symptoms, management etc and I am not able to offer any treatment or assistance at this time.

I am aware that parents with young children suffering from ARFID frequently have a rough time when it comes to being understood by other people, the medical profession and by child health services. I humbly request that these sessions are not used to complain about the lack of health care provision, but are specifically to focus on the nature of the onset and manifestation of the symptoms.

Can you help?

To get involved, please email Andrew T. Austin at: