Psychiatry and anti-Psychiatry

You Are Not Alone!
Psychiatry and anti-Psychiatry

“Many people who wish to impose their definition of reality would deny that they are involved in gaining power. They would say that because of their greater knowledge, wisdom, training and experience they know what is best. The most dangerous people in the world are those who believe that they know what is best for others.

People who believe that they know what is best for other people are denying other people’s truths. Whenever our own truth is denied, ignored or invalidated we experience the greatest fear we can ever know: the threat of the annihilation of our self.”

Jeffrey Masson. “Against Therapy.”

Though you may disappear, you’re not forgotten here
And I will say to you, I will do what I can do
You may disappear, you’re not forgotten here
And I will say to you, I will do what I can do

Peter Gabriel.

Dave Sheppard Associates.
Specialists in mental health law and related issues. UK based firm with a phenomenal website.

Stop Bad Therapy. 
This is great. “Yes, the kids did see handcuffs. They did see a gun. But it was for therapeutic reasons.”

Big Class Action.
A site aimed at those injured or damaged by pharmaceutical products. Worth checking out.

Online Dictionary of Mental Health.
A key Anti-Psychiatry site with numerous links.

The Anti-Psychiatry Coalition.
Numerous articles and resources.
Anti-Psychiatry pages on this excellent server.

Extensive anti-psychiatry listings.

Amnesty International.

Lobotomy Information.
So, you thought it was “banned”, right?

Mind Freedom.
Lots of articles, supporting those detained without trial under compulsory “treatment” orders.

Harrie Timmermans’ Picture Site.
Disturbing photographs of psychiatric practices worldwide. 
Supporting those undergoing forced electroshock.

CyberCentre For Liberty and Responsibility.
Thomas Szasz’s site and organisation.

Schizophrenia Treatment without Anti-Psychotic Drugs.
Professor Loren Mosher’s excellent site opposing psychiatric “treatments.” Highly readable and authoritive articles.

ADHD Fraud.
Dr. Fred Baughman’s anti-ADD site. In his own words, “They made a list of the most common symptoms of emotional discomfiture of children; those which bother teachers and parents most, and in a stroke that could not be more devoid of science or Hippocratic motive–termed them a ‘disease.’ Twenty five years of research, not deserving of the term ‘research.,’ has failed to validate ADD/ADHD as a disease. Tragically–the “epidemic” having grown from 500 thousand in 1985 to between 5 and 7 million today–this remains the state of the ‘science’ of ADHD.”

Andy Behrmam was superman and then ECT transformed him into…ELECTROBOY! Really an advertisement for his book, this is a brilliantly written and presented site from a man who experienced manic depression and underwent electroconvulsive therapy. 
Another well presented and well informed international site about electroshock.

People Who
“People who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions.” Very nice contemporary site.

Psychesearch – Teenscreen
I’d not heard of this before the owners of the site contacted me and I’m glad they did – this makes for some very distrubing reading indeed!

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