Panic Disorder, Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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I am a hypnotherapist with nearly 20 years experience of working with these problems. My experience has shown me that therapy appears to do very little for the actual symptoms anxiety and panic. Clients report insight and awareness from previous therapy, but their anxiety symptoms generally remain unaffected. So instead these clients simply end up coping better, but remain a long way from being cured.

Having worked extensively with this particular client group, I have been able
to explore just what has been missing from so many attempted cures.

For many anxiety sufferers, it is the relationship with guilt and/or anger. Guilt is
the first cousin of anxiety, and a background of guilt (or shame/regret/remorse) is an
extremely good trigger for anxiety. In turn, anxiety is often a trigger for anger (either
expressed as a temper or internalised as a mood or self criticism/loathing) and in turn,
anger is an excellent trigger for guilt. And around and around it goes. Without interruption, over time this cycle is the perfect recipe for depression.

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