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Painful Menstruation/Periods

Painful Menstruation/Periods

Where menstruation is painful either physically or emotionally and medical problems have been ruled out, NLP and hypnotherapy can prove immensely beneficial.

I have worked with a number of women who have suffered painful menstruation, “heavy” periods or simply just suffered emotionally during menstruation. Success rates have been surprisingly high.

Exploring the events that occurred around puberty reveals some interesting features, especially how cultural, parental and peer group beliefs and values around menstruation can influence development.

– some parents/peers etc teach their daughters (not always intentionally) that menstruation is something of which to be ashamed, or keep a dirty secret, etc.

– others teach it is a “curse” and carries negative connotations.

– early menstrual experiences can be highly traumatic emotionally and lead to embarrassing scenarios that are not always handled very well by adults and these can negatively imprint of the girl’s experience.

– some girls are taught to fear menstruation and so anticipate its first occurance with trepidation.

And so on…

What is interesting is how these experiences can literally “shape” development and subsequent experience of menstruation. NLP and hypnosis techniques can “re-imprint” these experiences effectively.¬†

You do not need to be a good hypnotic subject for this to work.

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