Near Death Experience (NDE) and Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs)

Near Death Experience (NDE) and Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs)

As a nurse in Southampton’s Accident and Emergency Department, I saw a number of patients who upon successful resuscitation reported unusual experiences of the “near death” phenomenon. Whilst I was still working at the hospital, Dr. Sam Parnia was given ethics committee approval to begin his own research into the phenomena. With a long-standing interest in such events, I travelled to Varanasi and to the Himalayas where I engaged in a series of experiments in altered states with sensory deprivation, meditation, light and sound machines and pharmaceutical grade ketamine. Whilst I regard such experiences as neurological, rather than religious events, the results were both insightful and positively life-changing. For those wishing to know about NDE, here are some great resources.

Dr. Sam Parnia 
Writings and Resources

Ketamine as Induction of NDE
Using ketamine to induce the near-death experience: mechanism of action and therapeutic potential. Yearbook for Ethnomedicine and the Study of Consciousness.

Near Death Experiences and The Afterlife
A huge resource website regarding every possible aspect of NDE you’d care to imagine.

Negative Near Death Experiences – Hell
Fascinating article on the Watchman website.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation 
Apparently, NDERF has the largest selection of published NDE accounts in the world! Another huge resource by Jody and Dr. Jeffery Long.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies 
The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is the first organization in the world devoted exclusively to the study of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and Near-Death-Like experiences.

Susan Blackmore 
Author and lecturer, Susan Blackmore’s page on NDE.

Skeptic’s Dictionary entry on NDE.

NDE Research at Southamptron General Hospital 
BBC news article about Dr. Sam Parnia research into NDE at my former place of employment.

Near Death Experience entry at Wikipedia.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict 
An artist’s explanation of his own NDE.