Mysteries and Strangeness

Mysteries and Strangeness

I’ve always enjoyed a good mystery and all things strange. As a child, I was still very easy to buy presents for and today I still am – just make it a bit weird. Milton would be proud of me. These links just go to one of many pages on the web that exist on each topic. Do go ahead and search out the other sites, there are some great ones out there.

Nazca Lines.
The Nazca people left behind one of the most astonishing legacies of the old cultures of Peru – the Nazca Lines. An elevated plateau called the Nazca Pampa is covered by these mysterious markings. Spaceship landing zones? Communications into space? Or did they just have nothing better to do? This site is a little slow to load, but has great pictures on it and links to other similar sites.

Moon Landing Hoax.
This British site explores the themes that have led many people to question whether the moon landings ever really happened. Great conspiracy stuff.

Loch Ness Monster.
It’s strange, it’s all probably a hoax and myth but still people keep seeing something… Actually, I must confess to watching something big swimming in the lake in Pokhara, Nepal a few years ago. Yes, I had been drinking but…

British Nuclear Scientists’ Accidents?
Back in the late 1980’s, British Nuclear Fuel scientists had a common tendency to suffer fatal accidents. This page on the Fusion Anomaly conspiracy site quotes the original news report and lists those who died. Curiously, little has ever been reported since. A cover-up maybe? Email me if you have any other reports.

Electronic Voice Phenomena.
Now, this gets really spooky. For whatever reason, sounds much like voices get recorded onto recording materials when left in areas where there are no [living] people. A search on “Electronic Voice Phenomena” will bring up lots of sites. This link takes you straight to some wav files of the recordings.

Men In Black.
Seen the movie, receive the visit! A comprehensive site exploring the Men In Black phenomena. Great stuff!

Mysterious Metal Spheres.
I’m amazed that so few people know of this phenomena. Hundreds of metal spheres keep turning up from a mineral layer in the earth in South Africa. What are they and how did they get there? Very strange indeed.

Mysterious Sliding Boulders.
They are big, they are very, very heavy and yet they appear to slide accross the desert floor, leaving a trail behind them. They’ve never been seen to move and yet, well, they clearly do move. Fascinating stuff!

Now, something in South America is chewing up goats. They call it The Goat Sucker, but just what is causing this recurring phenomenon?

People pointing their video cameras at the sky are beginning to observe an interesting phenomenon that are being called “rods”. An idiosyncrasy of the video cameras, or strange, previously unidentified aerial creatures?

Tunguska Explosion.
Something incredibly big exploded in the Tunguska region of Siberia in 1908. Popularly believed to be caused by a meteor impact, this site turns up a new possible explanation. Maybe it was an alien craft. Those matter converters tend to go up with quite a bang.

Black Helicopters.
Like the Men In Black, black helicopters seem to keep turning up around mysterious events such as UFO close encounters and cattle mutilations. Here is a great site that provides a Black Helicopter identification guide.

Cattle Mutilations.
Something is stealing cow parts. Cattle mutilations began in America and then spread East across Europe in a fairly steady succession. What is strange is the consistency in the mutilation style across the globe and it’s started again.

Rat Kings.
Now, this is very weird. Dead rats found with their tales all knotted together have been reported throughout the centuries. A similar bizarre fate has befallen bundles of squirrels and cats too. The Fortean Times site should soon have an interesting array of Rat King photos.

Treacle Mines.
These days treacle is manufactured rather than mined. Here is a fantastic site dedicated to those who lived and worked in the treacle mines.