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Modern Mixed Masons – Worthing Lodge

Lodge Valiant, Worthing. Modern Mixed Masons

Andrew T. Austin | Freemasonry | Modern Mixed Masons | M.M.M.

The Grand Lodge of Modern Mixed Masons (GLMMM) is one of the newest Masonic Orders, including both male and female Freemasons, working together in harmony within the true tenets of Freemasonry.

It was founded on the Masonic precepts of one of the oldest secular fraternal societies in the world, which recently celebrated 300 years of Masonic History, and now embraces the 21st century.  A belief in a Supreme Being is a requirement of all members within the Order, although there are no restraints as to that belief.  All Faiths are welcome and respective sacred books relevant to the members present are used in open Lodge.

Our modern take on Freemasonry in the 21st Century is being fully inclusive and we welcome anyone regardless of their race, gender or religious beliefs.  We proudly offer greater opportunities for advancement and involvement in a wide variety of degrees at an affordable amount.

M.M.M. | Modern Mixed Masons | Andrew T. Austin | Freemasonry

Modern Mixed Masons main website – to learn more about the Order, please visit: Modern Mixed Masons

Modern Mixed Masons hold regular online talks and educational events on everything from Freemasonry to Qabalah, The Golden Dawn, The Knights Templar and so much more. Many of these meetings are open to non-members, and if you wish to join in and learn more, do please get in touch with me, Andrew T. Austin.

Vintage masonic apron photographed at the UGLE Museum, Great Queen Street, London.

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