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Magic, Mentalism and NLP Links

Magic, Mentalism and NLP Links

On the NLP newsgroups, it is quite fun to see NLPers discussing Derren Brown’s “NLP Techniques” for “mind control” and “influence.” I shall leave it to the reader to decide the best explanation that suits him for Derren’s miracles.

My interest in magic and illusion began with the observation that so many magicians I encountered seemed to know so much more about the applications of human psychology than most therapists I knew.

In studying magic and mentalism, I was determined not to fall into the classic “I know about magic” ego trap – it is so important to remember that knowing how a trick is done is no great thing at all – being able to convey the illusion is where the skill is truly at. Many of David Blaine’s tricks that made him famous have since become common knowledge (mostly thanks to the bootleggers on eBay). Whilst Blaine has gone onto bigger and better things, a new generation of magic has been made accessible to all. But NLPers will do well to study the performance and presentation of the magic rather than focussing on how the trick is done. After all, anyone can buy a TT or ITR but knowing how to use them elegantly is entirely different.

So, soon to be added to this site are some articles suggesting possible applications of some magical techniques and principals to therapeutic orientated Hypnosis and NLP.

The following are a selection of links for anyone interested in the area of magic (without the “K”) and mentalism.

Performers and Shows

Derren Brown – Along with the most excellent Marc Paul, Derren Brown is of the best performers of mentalism I have seen. Don’t miss his stage show, brilliant!

Penn and Teller – It wasn’t until I saw Penn and Teller that my interest in magic really took off.

David Blaine – Interesting chap who combines traditional and extraordinary feats of endurance with brilliant presentation of simple “street magic.”

London Magician, Christopher Howell.

Simon Alexander – Simon Alexander performs his blend of stunning sleight of hand with subtle psychology across the UK.

Phil Jay
Phil Jay close up magician, for all corporate and private events.

Magicians Based in The South of England

Adam Keisner is a London-based magician, Magic Circle member and Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star.

Finger Tip Miracles
David Bonsall is a magician based in Fareham, Hampshire. Specialising in Close up magic, David has developed and perfected his own unique style of performance using everyday items, many of which are borrowed from the spectators. A master of sleight of hand and misdirection, watch as you see things you never believed possible happen beneath your very eyes!

David is a Magic Circle member and Associate member of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star

Steve Charrett is a magic circle close-up magician based in Southampton.

Andy Cadabra – Based in Portsmouth, Andy is a popular children’s entertainer and magician.

Bernard Jones – Close up magician for all types of event.

Ian Marriott – Based in Romsey, Ian is a key member of “The Associated Wizards of The South” and stylish performer of of close up magic and cabaret.

Noel Qualter – Close up Magic in Surrey! Apparently, “whole episodes of “Trisha” have been devoted to people who couldn’t let go after witnessing Noel’s magic.”


Marc Paul is one of the UK’s leading mentalists and lecturers on the subject.


Magic Clubs and Societies

The Magic Circle – The magical elite in London.

Magic Dealers

Alakazam – One of the best magic dealers in the UK. Great service and highly recommended for those hard to find items.

Magic Tricks UK – Looking for something for the beginner or young magician? This excellent site has it all.

Other Magic Resources

Chris Wasshuber’s Lybrary – Currently with more than 160 ebooks in fields ranging from cards, coins, mentalism and illusions to math, gambling, chapeaugraphy and shadowgraphy. Ebooks can be downloaded or ordered on CDs.

Derren Brown Resources – Richard Shakeshaft’s splendid collection of resources on Derren Brown and Mentalism in general.

alt.magic.secrets – Sorry, this isn’t the place to ask how a trick is done (“very well” will be your answer) but rather a place to discuss magic on Usenet. You will find some very helpful people here.

alt.magic – General Usenet magic discussion forum.

Talk Magic – Web-based UK chat forum on all things magical.

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