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Dolphin-Assisted Therapy

Dolphin-Assisted Therapy – It’s Bullshit.

NLPers often talk to me about “alternative therapies”—I regularly have crystals thrust into my hands so I can feel their “energy” and recently had the strange experience of one person enthusiastically tapping their face whilst apparently doing “surrogate EFT” asking me, “Can you feel that?” All i could answer was that, no, as she was tapping her face and not mine, I couldn’t feel the tapping. I learned that I didn’t “get it” and that it’s all about the energies, apparently. 

And guys, I ought to add that anyone who tries to sneak up on me and tap my face is likely to get my thumb in their eye.

Anyway, I am increasingly being told about “Dolphin-Assisted Therapy”, something that sounds quite ridiculous to me. “They sense your energies” I was told, “and they have sonar and everything.” My bullshitometer went off the scale at this, but everyone else in the room was enthused at how amaaaaazing dolphins were and exchanged anecdotes about the `friend of a friend` they knew who went and was cured of something and had such an amaaaaazing experience and everything!

I was pitied for my scepticism. Personally, when I see a dolphin imprisoned in a swimming pool, it makes me want to drown the person that put it there.

So, it is partly in response to this that I post this link:

Dolphin ‘Therapy’ A Dangerous Fad, Emory Researchers Warn

“”Dolphin-assisted therapy is not a valid treatment for any disorder,” says Marino, a leading dolphin and whale researcher. “We want to get the word out that it’s a lose-lose situation – for people and for dolphins.”

While swimming with dolphins may be a fun, novel experience, no scientific evidence exists for any long-term benefit from DAT, Marino says. She adds that people who spend thousands of dollars for DAT don’t just lose out financially – they put themselves, and the dolphin, at risk of injury or infection. And they are supporting an industry that – outside of the United States – takes dolphins from the wild in a brutal process that often leaves several dolphins dead for every surviving captive….”

I recommend reading the full article, and for those with a suitable disposition, watching this video:

There is another highly distressing and graphic video on youtube about the dolphin slaughter that many may wish to avoid viewing.

Here are some more links in case anyone requires further reading material regarding the supposed effectiveness of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy Programs:

Swimming with dolphins ‘should be banned’
Times Online: “Cathy Williamson, the author of the report, said: “Having researched this industry the only recommendation we can make is that there is a total ban on DAT. This therapy involves vulnerable people and also exploits the dolphins, which are forced to interact with people in conditions that are far from suitable for wild animals.”

Many sites reference other sites that reference each other in an endless circle of incestuous self-referential bullshit, all proclaiming that dolphin therapy is proven to cure childhood neurological illnesses such as autism and cerebral palsy, and so forth.

It’s a romantic notion that doesn’t stand up to a decent investigation. DAT programs are cynically exploiting the desperation of families at the expense of marine mammals, and I don’t doubt that there are people in business getting very rich indeed from these DAT programs.

So, the next NLPer foolish enough to enthuse me about the wonders of DAT programs will inevitably find my thumb in their eye socket.

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