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Dental Phobia – Hypnotherapy and NLP

Dental Phobia – Hypnotherapy and NLP

For too many people, just thinking about a trip to the dentist fills them with overwhelming fear and anxiety. It’s only when there is a serious dental problem that the person will seek help.

Many of my clients have found themselves blacklisted from more than one dentist’s list and one client recently told me that she was even asked to leave the regional specialist centre where they apparently were very experienced in treating such cases.

They asked me not to come back.” She told me.

Now, let’s be realistic. I might not be able to make the trip to the dentist an enjoyable experience. In fact, I know I won’t. Because if you have had a dental phobia for many years, the chances are your next trip there is going to involve a fair amount of dental work and if that isn’t an unpleasant thought, then the bill probably will be.

What I can do is remove your phobia. This means that you will still probably hate going to the dentist, just that you will hate it in the same way everyone else does.

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