Cults and Anti-Cults, Deprogramming

Cults and Gurus.

Cults seem to get quite a bad press with stories of “brainwashing,” “love bombing” and “recruitment” but I guess it’s just a matter of marketing. I mean, look at the way one might become a psychiatrist, is the methodology of recruitment, training and promotion through the ranks not identical?

Unification Church (The Moonies). 
Steve Hassan’s favourite organisation. Probably still the original and best of all the cults!

Jesus Army.
Combat trousers and Bibles. Actually, not as scary as they sound.

They boast some famous members. Founded by Ron Hubbard, this organisation is HUGE. They’ll sue me if I write anything negative though. Their “auditing” process is hysterical, I’m after an E-Meter is anyone has one lying around unused anywhere. Great for parties!

I like this group. I’m not entirely sure about Rael’s alien abduction story, but just how did he build such an organisation of so many attractive women and high ranking scientists? Having yourself cloned is entirely optional.

Aetherius Society.
Another UFO type group. Founded by George King this one seeks to explain the mysteries of all world religions and UFOs. Great stuff!

International Society of Krishna Consciousness. You have seen them in their saffron robes in the large cities. Here’s a chance to find out a little more about them.

School of Economic Science.
They say they offer courses in philosophy, but, errmmm…..

The Family. (The Children of God.)
With the most unusual recruiting methods in the history of cults, “Flirty Fishing” definitely had its merits.

I can’t help but think these anti-cult groups are scarier than any of the cults listed here. It would be a bit like being “rescued” by a Catholic. Think about it.

Cult Information Centre.
UK based group that views cults as destructive and their members as “victims.”

Exit Counsellors.
Included here is one-time NLPer and former Moonie, Steve Hassan. Exit counsellors (or as they prefer to call themselves, “Thought Reform Consultants!!!!) liberate “victims” of cults and undo the “brainwashing” with, errrr…. more brainwashing that they call “deprogramming.” Great stuff!

Rick Ross.
If you’ve ever taken an interest in the cult phenomenon, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Rick Ross.

I met some great gurus in India, some making a lot of money, some spreading a sincere message of hope, others covertly going about their business. Fake or not, I will never forget what Sai Baba has built in his followers and provided for thousands of people and the laughter of Babaji, the cheeky chain smoking Sadhu of Varanasi.

Sai Baba.
Probably the most well known of all the Indian gurus, if you have the chance, go to Puttaparthi and see.

The Mother.
Female guru simply referred to as “The Mother.” An interesting community and town is developing in Pondicherry, South India, based on the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Well worth a visit!

The hugging guru. Also known as “Mother” Amma is a much travelled and unique lady who has a personal touch when it comes spreading enlightenment.