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BBNLP British Board of NLP

BBNLP – The British Board of NLP

Note, there is no British Board of NLP (BBNLP), there never has been. Anyone claiming to be representative of the British Board of NLP is committing fraud.

The BBNLP tried to sue me for defamation some years ago, sending me a rather awkward legal letter. I replied to them pleading poverty suggesting I wasn’t worth suing and they went away. But actually, I was hoping the directors would be dumb enough to file a writ against me. Since the “British Board” of NLP doesn’t actually exist, the BBNLP cannot be defamed by me or anyone. Thus it would have been perjury for their directors to enter a courtroom purporting to be this “British Board” of NLP.

In 2009, I was approached by the BBC to assist with the making of this show:

BBNLP British Board of NLP Scam | Andrew T. Austin Training | Metaphors of Movement Training | EMDR Training | Integral Eye Movement Therapy Training | Andy Austin
BBNLP British Board of NLP Scam

It was a lot of fun and a good insight into how these things work at TV central. It wasn’t at all difficult getting the cat registered with the BBNLP. For something pretending to be The British Board… their ridiculous backpedalling was good to see.

Shortly after, the BBNLP changed hands and saw a bit of a revival under a rather naive new directorship. I put together a criminal case against the new directors for fraud giving them 48 hours to close it down and tell everyone the BBNLP was no more, or I would file the criminal case against them. The BBNLP then closed permanently.

And yet, 10 years later, if you do a google search, you will see dozens of hapless and fraudulent fools all claiming to be members of “The British Board of NLP” and to be “fully accredited”, “qualified” and so on. The scam continues 10 years later because the practitioners are either too fraudulent, too stupid or too lazy to change their websites.

The British Board of NLP (BBNLP)

From: NLP []
Sent: 15 May 2006 22:34
Subject: CPD Recognition

Dear member,

There has been a lot of discussion in the NLP community about ‘certification’ and ‘affiliation’ standards, but little talk or recognition of the after course development that so many of you are achieving.

GONLP have been receiving a greater number of calls from your clients and delegates demanding to know not what certification a practitioner or trainer may have, but what has he/she done recently to develop themselves and their NLP skills…

“I remember passing my driving test.  Within a week I was asked to teach my young cousin how to drive, but it wasn’t until I had driven by myself, driven on a motorway and developed my driving skills further that I felt I was ready to teach.  Isn’t it the same with the courses we pass?” Kenneth Harvey – GONLP Member

GONLP believe it is important for each and every practitioner and trainer to continually develop their skills and so have set up the GONLP Continued Professional Development (CPD) recognition scheme, and here’s how it works:

At Last – Recognition for our development…
Welcome to the GONLP Continued Professional Development – CPD – recognition scheme.

How does the CPD scheme work?  To achieve recognition for your continued Professional development you can receive CPD points for the following:

  • Attending conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Practice groups
  • Talks
  • Further trainings
  • Spending time developing new tools and techniques
  • Assisting on courses
  • Writing articles / books

What are CPD Points?  You receive 1 CPD point for every 1 hour of CPD achieved.  Points are collated and added to your GONLP profile and to the GONLP CPD Register.

How can I be included on the CPD register?  Members must achieve a minimum of 45 points per year to be included on the CPD register and to achieve recognition for your professional development.  Points will only be added to your profile after you have achieved the minimum of 45 hours CPD.  Your CPD proof of hours (i.e. Practice Group sign off by Practice Group Leader, receipt of seminar or training etc.) will be collated, checked, and points will be added to your profile and your details added to the online register on and

What if I achieve more than 45 hours of CPD?  In order to achieve recognition and be registered, you must achieve the following:

  • (GONLP CPD) recognition is achieved by providing evidence for CPD for a minimum of 45 hours.
  • (GONLP CPD +) recognition is achieved by providing evidence for CPD for a minimum of 200 hours.

How often is my CPD assessed? Your CPD hours will be assessed once evidence is forwarded by you to our offices. Your points will be collated throughout the year and added to your profile and the register.

What happens if I do not achieve the required number of hours?  If you do not have a minimum of 45 points by 31st December each year your name will be removed from the register.

Who will see the register?  The register will be available online and can be seen by the general public.  The register will also be found on Google, Yahoo and many other search engines.

Will I receive further recognition for achieving CPD recognition?  Yes, members who achieve the minimum of 45 hours CPD will be able to use the GONLP CPD jpg seal.  Members who achieve over 200 hours will be able to use the GONLP CPD + jpg seal.

Is there a cost?  In order to register onto the scheme and begin receiving recognition for your development we are offering registration free of charge until June 1st 2006 so sign up now.  After June 1st 2006 we simply ask that a one off administration fee of £120 is paid for any new registrations.

You must be a full BBNLP member, Corporate Member or Promotional Partner to join.

If you would like to join now or for further details on this scheme please contact us by responding to this email, or telephone us on: 08451412161 or email us at: Removed.

We would also appreciate any feedback, ideas and comments you may have regarding this new scheme.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With warm regards



This email and any attachment is intended for and confidential to the addressee.  If you are neither the addressee nor an authorised recipient from the addressee please notify us of receipt, delete this message from your system, and do not use copy or disseminate the information in or attached to it in any way.  We accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person arising from use of this e-mail.  Our messages are checked for viruses but please note that we do not accept liability for any viruses which may be transmitted in or with this message.


From 7-Day Practitioner to Therapist 
This was a small piece that got me in a lot of trouble back in the day with many in the NLP world who were so desperately trying to raise their status. Where are they all now?

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