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Adult Bed Wetting – NLP, Hypnotherapy

Adult Bed Wetting and Adult Bedwetters

In my therapy practice, I am often consulted by adult bedwetters seeking help to overcome their problems. What is awful is that so many people have suffered from this problem for so long because they are too embarrassed to ask for help. After all, this isn’t the subject for common conversation, “Hi, I’m Andy and I wet the bed! What do you do?

The problem impacts so much more than a simple laundry bill. It can be quite hard to maintain a normal sexual relationship when your partner keeps waking up covered in your urine.

There’s often a huge dilemma – to tell or not to tell. Many avoid the risks of relationships

Staying over at friends’ houses can be problematic too.

It can be hard to have belief in yourself when you constantly risk enormous embarrassment and humiliation.

However, unless there is a physical urological basis for the problem (see a doctor), bed wetting is remarkably easy to resolve in the majority of cases.

So, if you have seen a doctor and the problem is confirmed to be psychological in origin,
email me.

Whilst It isn’t guaranteed, the chances are high that you’ll be over the problem within a month.

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