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The Cabal of The 23rd Initiate FAQ(u)Is it true that a number of 23rd Initiates have infiltrated other counter-culture movements?
Part of the denials emerging from The Original Cabal appears to confirm that a number of other groups have indeed been infiltrated and even taken over by 23rd Initiates. Various Magickal lodges, psychogeographical groups, universities and even public hospitals are also believed to have been successfully infiltrated. Anecdotal evidence appears to point at a number of animated cartoon producers have been initiated into The Cabal, including some film producers and artists. Despite his insistence that he is not, in fact, the head of The Bavarian Illuminati, Robert Anton Wilson is now considered to be legally the nominal head of The Order of 23rd Initiates of which The Order are trying to keep secret, even from Mr. Wilson himself.

What are the differences between “a cabal”, “The Original Cabal”, “The Order of 23rd Initiates”, “Agents of The 23” and “Agents of Entropy”?
At the time of writing, this is not entirely clear.

What are the methods by which Initiates recognize each other?
It is true that rumours of secret handshakes and symbols abounded towards the end of the late 1960’s but members universally discredited such nonsense with a firm confirmation that such buffoonery was indeed stolen from the Masonic and Knights Templar organizations as an act of subterfuge. Instead, it has been repeatedly denied that modes of recognition come in a similar fashion of the Rosicrucians where a member denies that he is a member of a cabal or is an Initiate. Any such person that indeed implicates himself as an Initiate is to be immediately disregarded as a crank and should be shunned by all in respectable society. Preferably, he/she is to be branded with the customary tar and feathers and left tied to a lamppost with a small anxious highland terrier outside Highgate Cemetery in Central London, UK. Individuals tethered in such manner will subsequently be collected and processed by The Order and reintegrated back into normal society.

What is the function of a 23rd Initiate?
The function of an Initiate is to continue the work of attempting to prevent the formation and development of Initiates and cabals and to promote the evolution of the counterculture by the mechanism of denial.

Does The Cabal really exist?
Rumours have persisted of The Cabal or series of cabals since the mysterious nighttime events of October 1954 in an unnamed location in the middle of South America. Since its inception, the original Cabal of 23rd Initiates has attempted to disband and thus disprove its own existence. However, this manoeuvre immediately failed and recognizing the success of self-denial other Cabals were soon trying not to form – each of which immediately took to denying its own existence and connection with The Original Cabal. Each group does not consist of 23 members and there are not 22 other cabals, none of which are connected with The Original Cabal of 23rd Initiates.

Which Countries Do Not currently Have 23rd Initiates Operating Within Them?
The Cabals heavily deny their existence in the following Countries: USA (7 Groups), UK (4 Groups), Norway (1 Group), Germany (1 Group), Uzbekistan (2 Groups), Nepal (2 Groups), Canada (0 groups), Peru (1 and a half groups) and Mexico (3 groups).

How does a person join such a cabal to become an Initiate?
The Cabal is very selective with regards to which it doesn’t permit entry into The Order. A recent rush of applications has led to a number of embarrassing incidents in Highgate currently under investigation by a leading animal welfare organization and the metro-cosmo-politan police – an organization into which The Order has confirmed a desire to infiltrate. Contact has been achieved via The Network which doesn’t run a thread through other networks and radical organisations. Potential candidates are observed for a period of 23 years prior to induction into the extensive training and initiation protocols before being formally ejected from The Order on the basis that The Order has never really existed and was only ever a figment of The Candidates fertile imagination.

How Is Cabal Information passed?
One method by which Cabal Informationª is passed through The Network is thought to be via encrypted printed text. A number of authors and publishing houses appear to contain encrypted messages upon page 23 of such printed material. Similarly, chapters and appendices numbered 23 have also been implicated in the transmission of The Encrypted Keys.

And who/what are these authors/publishing houses?
At the time of writing these details remain unconfirmed. Much of the theory behind The Transmission fell apart following the reported death and jettisoning into orbit of Dr. Timothy Leary, who displayed a remarkable ability to continue writing books despite his personal death. Mr. Wilson continues to publish new material despite repeatedly denying his death which continues to be reported by Agents of The 23 much to the chagrin of Mr. Wilson. The reason for this behaviour remains unclear

Is it true that favourite children’s author, William Burroughs, started The Original Conspiracy? No.

Who are The Order’s Secret Chiefs?
Having observed the inadvertent ousting of Madam Blavatsky’s Secret Chiefs from the Himalayas by a mobile telecommunications company based in Beijing, China, The Order temporarily adopted 5 wallaby’s from East Anglia, United Kingdom and a small budgie owned by Mrs. Palmer in Ontario, Canada as nominal Heads of Order. Regrettably, denials of the existence of The Five Wallabies were terminated after they started turning up as road-kill during March 2001. Mrs. Palmer’s budgie remains alive and well at time of writing despite now being 33 years old. Replacements for The Five Wallaby’s are currently being sought and applications to The Grand Hierophant are invited

Who are Luther Blissett and Louise Parker?
Luther Blissett is a football player and Louise Parker was a seminar attendee who was unfortunate enough to lose her name badge.

Is it true that British children’s TV Series “The Wombles” was an expose of The Alleged Structure of The Original Cabal?
The children’s television series, “The Wombles” featured a secret organization of small creatures who conspired to keep the fictional location of “Wimbledon Common” clean of all litter. Under the guidance of Uncle Bulgaria, The Wombles of Wimbledon would make good use of the things that they find, things that the everyday folk leave behind. For several years The Existence of The Wombles was thought to be a fable until The Kennedy Family began farming them in order to resell dead and stuffed as a favourite children’s toy. Thankfully, following political infiltration by 23 Initiates, ownership of Wombles was finally outlawed internationally in 1983.

Which dates does The Order consider sacred?
Principally The Major Festival Days are 2nd March and the 23rd May. The Minor Festival Days are generally called at random and tend to be frequently cancelled without notice. The principal and function behind such dates are as yet unknown but it is confirmed that haggis do not play a part.

Does The Order recognize The Sirius Connection?
No. The Order recognizes that two of the most common delusions are that of The Swollen Tongue and that of Off-Planet Communication With Sirius. A 1976 edict proclaimed that a person claiming possession of either state is clearly mad and is to be shunned by all respectable society. Thus all initiates are required to wear tin foil helmets at all times.

Does The Order have any Sacred Symbols?
The Sacred Animal Of The Order is The Tortoise.
The Sacred Colour of The Initiate is Olive Green.
The Sacred Plant is The Lotus.
The Sacraments are The Letter K and the Holy Tea of Life.
The Hidden Word of The Order is “Aim”.
The Sacred Beverage involves an alcoholic brew that has been shown to contain myrrh, wormwood and calamus root. The Precise Recipe is as yet undocumented.
For a while, Beryl was adopted as the “sacred rock” of The Order but sadly she has since fallen into disuse.

Does The Order have any connection with Nikola Tesla and or back-engineered technology?
Possibly not as much as it would like.

Is has been repeatedly denied that the true aim of the Cabal of The 23 Initiates is achieving communication with Pandimensional Intelligences is this true?
Yes, this has been denied. Neuroscientist Dr. John Lilly is credited with much of the research into interspecies communication with regards to both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial intelligences. Whilst it is the goal of some Initiates acting individually to achieve interdimensional and even pandimensional contact, the reliability of such communication is such that is has been long since removed as a motivation within The Order.

Is there a connection between The Grand 23 Conspiracy and The Holy Qabalah?
Many Initiates that deny their own existence are believed to be practised and accomplished Qabalists. A popular rumour circulated by some unpublished Canadian journals in September 1991 suggesting that the 23rd Path of the Sephirah Sephiroth is astrologically aligned with the Sirius star system. Consultation with Crowley’s Liber 777 subsequently confirmed the rumour to be true when no reference to such alignment was ever found.

Despite Crowley’s inclusion of “Skidoo” into the 23rd Chapter of The Book Of Lies, it is widely believed that he was wholly unaware of the non-existence of The Order just prior to his death in 1954. However, it has been strenuously denied that some original members came from the Argenteum Astrum and Original OTO. Subsequently, it is feared that Crowley’s chapter, “Skidoo” has become The Official Poem of The Order and is recited at least bi-annually of The Major Festival Days.

Who is Frank Wineski?
It is rumoured that Frank Wineski is the deepest of all Covert Deep Cover Operatives operating from his base in North America. Unaware of His True Purpose and believing himself to be both The One And True God and The Second Coming Of Christ, it is likely that The Cabal has manipulated much of Franks’ life’s work in order to maintain The True Mission. It has only been via the repeated intervention of The Cabal that Mr. Wineski has managed to successfully remain a Statistic At Large.

Following the disbandment of The Order of The Cubic Stone, it was revealed that The Holy Tea of Life was nothing more than cheap tea brewed with fresh ginger and saffron, lacking entirely in mystical quality. How would The Order deny such an accusation?
It is true that The Tea of Life lacks any mystical quality other than the fact that it is called The Holy Tea of Life. The name originated from a Cubic Stone ritual resulting in a manifestation of The UnHidden Hand. The UnHidden Hand subsequently became the metaphor for the manner in which The Holy Tea of Life was stirred; ginger and saffron are added merely for gustatory effect.

Does The Order have any function other than to deny its own existence?
The Order has attempted many times not to exist, however, the actions of a large number of individuals continue to give the appearance of The Grand Conspiracy. Should The Order exist, it’s function and purpose would be unclear to anyone that believed themselves to be an Initiate and even more unclear to those never denied admittance to The Order or into The Grand Conspiracy. The Order continues to remain mysterious and it’s precise function remains undocumented.

What is “Snuh”?
Snuh began with a newsgroup test signal and then it began to grow exponentially. No one it seems understands or controls the Snuh and apparently, it can’t be stopped. Whilst parallels between Snuh and The Cabal have been frequently drawn, attempts at Infiltration Into The Snuh by 23rd Initiates have so far proven futile. Inoculation currently appears to be impossible.

How are “skidoo” and the number 23 connected?
The precise history behind this pairing of terms remains unclear. Evidence suggests that Crowley wasn’t the first to suggest such a link since the terms were common amongst 19th Century New Yorkers, especially in Springfield where power tycoon Mr. Burns first tutored in football. It has been repeatedly suggested that the term “skidoo” possesses a mystical quality used in both Masonic and Antediluvian Orders but this remains unconfirmed.

Is there a connection with the Masonic 23rd Degree? 
No. However on 23rd of May 1983, a renegade group denying membership of The Cabal secretly performed the opening and closing rite of the Rose Croix (18th degree) whilst dressed as pumpkins. It is believed that only the opening and closing of the rite were performed and in place of the main body of the ritual the members instead watched all the episodes of the cult TV series, Twin Peaks.

Is it true that Marshal Macluhan was a True 23rd Initiate? 
Marshal never applied for initiation nor was ever made a Member By Proxy without his knowledge. Both these facts were kept a close secret from Mr. Macluhan.

Was UMMO -)(- a Cabal Project?
Only in Turkey.

Is it true that The Ritual of The Watchtowers as practised by The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn is the basis of the structure of The Agents Of Entropy?
The practice of the Ritual of The Watchtowers predates considerably the formation of The Agents Of Entropy who took their name and practice from a mistake made by Dr J______ in 1982. With a strong correlation to a specific card in the contemporary tarot, The Ritual of The Watchtowers has never been used to interplanetary communication. In his book, “Foundations of Practical Magic” Dr. Israel Regardie outlines and predicts the function of The Agents of Entropy in the first appendix.

It has been suggested that The True Recipe probably contains ingredients such as myrrh, wormwood and opium along with an alchemical blend that enables the True Recipient to apparently transcend death. Several reports connect this True Recipe with The Qabalistic Sephirah of Tiphereth, is this connection correct?
Whilst it is a matter for historical record as to whether The True Recipe enables The True Recipient to survive death, the connection with Tiphereth is a tenuous one and probably results from a common misunderstanding originating from the Christian interpretation of the Cabala. The True Recipe has recently been forwarded as the potential answer to such mysteries as Mornington Crescent and the lunar landing conspiracy.

Other than the spelling, what is the difference between Qabalah, Cabala and Kabbalah?
The most commonly cited differences are as follows: “Qabalah” refers to the Western Occult Tradition of the system, “Cabala” refers to the Christian interpretation and Kabbalah refers to the mystical interpretation of the tradition. The True Order has created it’s own Tradition but the spelling of which remains unrevealed. However with back-engineering using notariqon The True Spelling is easily revealed to The True Initiate.

What about footballer David Beckham’s signing to Real Madrid?
Nothing to do with us.

Is Heidi Klum really the Head of the Illuminati?
Not at all. Nor is Nick Kaffes the real father of her baby. The Order has yet to make contact with Kaffes’ “Entities” but a lampost at Highgate has been reserved for this interesting and intelligent Man. In 2003, following full psychiatric evaluation during which Kaffes was declared “sane”, a National Nick Kaffes Day was proposed the date of which is still to be decided.