Month: July 2017

Bad business Uncategorized

Bad business

This was originally posted in 2013, but it remains my consistent experience of trying to book hotels and venues: I think I know why there is a recessi…
Fake PhDs Uncategorized

Fake PhDs

On my Brass Bollocks training where I open the doors to the business end of my work and show exactly how and what I did and do now to run a successful…
Two Rupees Uncategorized

Two Rupees

Every now and then a well-placed word or sentence can change everything for a person.  Sometimes this can happen more by chance than by design, but it…
Modelling Uncategorized


This is my reply on a LinkedIn group in response to a question about modelling criminals in order to find better solutions to imprisonment.  I thought…
You are a winner! Uncategorized

You are a winner!

You are a winner! There is one common marketing strategy that works really well that serves to make people fat and die young.  Make them a winner for …
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