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Getting Back into The Social Game
(The Friday Evening Combatting Loneliness Workshops)

£44 per workshop
Dates to be confirmed

Maximum of 8 participants per workshop series.

Pre-packaged late-afternoon/early evening workshops for overcoming loneliness, social networking and getting back that social life!

Loneliness is one of the most common and yet largely unacknowledged social problems and it is a sad reality that most people really do avoid the lonely person.

People so rarely admit to being lonely and so will often fill the void with the illusion of social function and contact: A bottle of wine, an internet chat room, Myspace or play station are increasingly becoming social substitutes.

And it can be very hard to go and make friends when you have no-one to go with.

Going for a country walk with a dog is acceptable. Going to the park with the kids is great. Going for a country walk or to the park alone is a social crime.

These workshops are designed to get you back your self-esteem, social skills, a social network to enable you to make friends in a safe environment and general support.

If you are lonely, c'mon admit it and be done with it - you are lonely it is not as if you have leprosy (if you do, please see a doctor). There is no shame in this, it just means you can finally take a first step to getting it sorted out. Do that now and call me. (Tel: Andy on 07838 387580 - you can call without pressure of needing create a good impression, just call me!)

Workshop 1
4-6pm - Two hour workshop discussing individual needs and issues. Introductions and overview of strategies. "The Plan" for the group will be outlined and dates and fixtures will be arranged. Homework and group activity is discussed and set.

This is followed by two hours in a local pub (central Chichester) to observe and discuss social norms and behaviours.

You will need to be free on the afternoon of the following day, as a group activity will be set for which you will be expected to attend.

Workshop 2
4-6pm - The second workshop in the series focuses on social and communication skills. You will begin to learn some of the confidence building skills, communication skills and tricks and tips from the NLP and Hypnotic masters. These tricks will not enable you to go and control other people, but rather will enhance your attraction and confidence and enable you to be easier to be with.

6-8pm - Adjournment to the pub for further study.

The following day will involve a further group activity at lunchtime, so you will need to be available for this.

Workshop 3
4-6pm - Personal Design - finding and being the real you. Here we will be focusing on voice work, physical appearance, posture, movement, confidence around "alpha-males" and "alpha-females" and dating tips.

6-8pm - Adjournment to the pub for further study.

The following day, a further group activity is assigned.

Workshop 4
4-8pm - Resolution of any remaining individual Issues, problems etc or other issues raised by the group. Expect lots of NLP, hypnosis and change work.


  • Workshops are charged at £44 per workshop (£176 in total)
  • Minimal additional costs may be involved at the pub events - everyone buys their own drink and food as required.
  • The Saturday activities will involve additional cost of admission to venue (will be less than £20) and travel (will be local to Chichester region).
  • The workshop facilitator will not be present on the Saturday assignments.
  • All participants in the project are expected to sign a contract to attend all aspects of the workshops.
  • No participant will be asked to engage in any activity that may create embarrassment or anxiety.
  • No participant will be expect to make friends with the others in the group, but all participants are expected to encourage and support all group members as appropriate.
  • There is a significant amount of required reading and study in addition to the workshops.

Dates to be announced shortly.